At The Studio Or On The Jumpin' Jitney

Kids under parachute

Party At Suzanne's

2 Hours For $120

An additional instructor is available for $20. One hour of supervised instruction including games, activities, and races geared to both boys and girls. Forty-five minutes in the reception area for food, gifts, and other activities provided by you. Then, if time allows, fifteen minutes of free time in the gym. The best part is there's no mess at your house or lingering guests. Call 717-272-2159 to reserve your time today!

Party On The Jumpin' Jitney

It's An Actual Party Bus

We come to you for 1 hour of activity for $130 ($20 more for anyone outside Lebanon County). These activities include zipline, the parachute, obstacle course, and much more! There is a maximum of fifteen children allowed on the bus at a time. A second instructor is available for $20. A second instructor is recommended for parties with more than ten children. Call 717-272-2159 to book a party today!

Children playing Vollyball on bus