Jumpin' Jitney

The Big Pink And Blue Bus

What Is The Jumpin' Jitney

Other Than An Awesome-Looking Bus!

The Jumpin' Jitney is a specialized sports/gymnastics program that aims to aid in the development of motor skills and athleticism in children. It comes at the same time once a week to your child's daycare center for a 35 minute class. Every two weeks the lesson plan is changed to work on different skills using a different theme. We Do Not Transport Your Child Anywhere.

A Little About The Bus Itself

It's More Than Just Another Pretty Bus

It's a full sized school bus that has been transformed into a mobile gym and has been padded and carpeted for safety. It's also been fitted with monkey bars and places to attach equipment such as a zipline, trapeze, rings, etc.

Boy Hanging From Bar

How To Register

Available Year-Round

Fill out a registration form located next to the Jitney box at your child's daycare. Drop it in the Jitney box along with payment. For cash payment use one of the yellow envelopes next to the box. If you are using a check, write the child's name on the memo line (no envelope needed). If you would like to pay automatically, fill out the "Automatic Credit Card Form".

Pay Weekly

$11 Per Class Per Week

You can also choose to pay ahead for as many classes as you want ($11/class/week). This payment plan allows you to forward payments if your child is unable to attend Jitney on a given week.

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Or Pay Monthly

$41 At The Beginning Of The Month

This will cover the 1st to the 31st of that month. The advantage of this is not only discounted lessons but if any month has a fifth lesson, it's free. The disadvantage is that this payment plan DOES NOT allow you to carry over to the next month. So if you miss a class, the payment is not forwarded. You can also have your credit card automatically charged each month for a $1 fee.

Wanna Join The Fun?

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