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Leotards & Tights

Wonderful One-Pieces

Child Leotard - $40

Adult Leotard - $40

Child Tights - $11

Adult Tights - $13

Leotards are expected to be worn in all classes except Bouncin' Bunnies. They come in many sizes varying from extra-small child to extra-large adult.

Gymnastics Shoes

Comfortable & Durable

Leather - $25

Suede - $60

Gymnastics Shoes will be expected for gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance/acrobatics classes.

gym shoe
Tap Shoes

Tap Shoes

The Louder, The Better

Any Size - $25

Tap shoes will be needed for tap, ballet, and acrobatics classes and also for tap and ballet classes.

Ballet Shoes

A Must-Have For Any Aspiring Ballerina

Any Size - $25

Ballet shoes will be required for any tap, ballet, and acrobatics classes, jazz classes, and also for tap and ballet classes.

Ballet shoes
Jazz Shoes

Jazz Shoes

Shoes As Fresh As Your Moves

Any Size - $38

Jazz shoes will be needed for jazz class.